24 August 2014

    Capital of Culture : What is the impact of arts and cultural clustering on local productivity ?

    This is the summary of a paper that was included in a National Endowment for the Arts/Brookings Institution volume published last year. We just uplodaded it to the Nesta working paper series – you can download the paper here. In recent years, academics and consultants (...)

  • Vies et statuts de l’artiste

    L’artiste n’est plus cet individu hors du monde social, figure issue d’une vision réductrice du romantisme, mais il est souvent un travailleur précaire. Pour s’en sortir ou pour créer, il se démultiplie, devient hybride, parfois inclassable, jonglant avec de multiples activités (...)

  • 31 July 2014

    The new art of finance: making money work harder for the arts

    Simon Tait Funding strategies: The Nesta report, available online As the arts and culture face at least another three years of financial uncertainty, Nesta, the lottery-funded innovation foundation, has come up with new funding models to help bring new money to the (...)

The Coalition represents the members, artists and creators of 33 leading Canadian associations of cultural professionals who strongly believe in the legitimate right of governments to adopt policies favourable to the diversity of cultural expressions against the risk of cultural homogeneity in the context of globalization.
The Coalition is the only national association bringing together the main trade organizations and associations of professionals in the cultural sector: publishing, audiovisual and new media, music, performing arts and visual arts. In total, the Coalition’s 33 members represent no less than 180,000 creators and 2,200 companies and non profit organizations from all parts of Canada.
Sharing our Creative Diversity

133 States as well as the European Union have so far ratified the
Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

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