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International experts to assist in the preparation of funding applications for projects submitted to the UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity

The UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity currently has US$2.6 million at its disposal for the 2nd call for project funding applications, which was launched recently. The maximum amount that can be allocated by the Fund to any given project is US$100,000.

The IFCCD is pleased to inform you that it is offering technical assistance for the preparation of such funding applications available to its members. Nine volunteer experts have offered their service in response to our call for candidates in our most recent newsletter. These are:

Damien Le Henanff (Canada): an expert in financial resources management at the City of Montreal.

Émile Raguidissida Zida (Burkina-Faso): an expert in culture and media management, marketing and communication strategies.

Isabelle Lavallée (Canada): an expert on the Convention, consultant in the field of sustainable development.

Julio César Vega Guanilo (Peru): an expert in project revision and an active member of the U40 network.

Oscar Centurion Frontanilla (Paraguay): an international expert in art, culture and architectural heritage.

Ouafa Belgacem (Tunisia): an expert in cultural projects fundraising and project management.

Josianne Pusterla (Canada): International Development Consultant - GENIVAR

Carlos Javier Villaseñor Anaya (Mexico) : Independant Consultant.

Marcelo Sartori Mana (Spain) : International Manager and Cultural Consultant.

Any IFCCD member coalitions who would like to take advantage of this complimentary technical assistance need only send us their completed funding application. The Federation will forward it to one of the experts and will put you in contact with the selected individual.


We remind you that funding requests are to be sent to the relevant National Commissions for UNESCO or other official channels designated by the States Parties, who will then submit them to the UNESCO Secretariat for the Convention. (see the selection procedure)


Applicants are to consult their National Commissions for UNESCO to find out about the deadline for receipt of applications at the national level.

The deadline for National Commissions to submit funding applications to the Secretariat of the Convention is 30 June 2011, midnight CET.

Applications received after this deadline will not be eligible for this funding period.

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