29 January 2016

      The Commerce Department Has Good Recommendations For Fixing Copyright Law - But More is Needed

      The U.S. Commerce Department released its long-awaited White Paper on fixes to copyright law yesterday and it’s a pretty mixed bag. It includes some good recommendations on how Congress should change the law, but punts on some crucial enduring problems. This paper grew (...)

    • The Trouble With the TPP, Day 26: Why It Limits Canadian Cultural Policies

      The intersection between the TPP and Canadian cultural policies is likely to emerge as one of the more controversial aspects of the TPP, particularly given the government’s emphasis on a stronger cultural policy in its election platform. Earlier in the Trouble with the (...)

    • 27 January 2016

      The Trouble with the TPP: Failure to Protect Canadian Cultural Policy. By Michael Geist

      Culture and the TPP has yet to garner much attention, but that is a mistake. The TPP departs from longstanding Canadian policy by not containing a full cultural exception and creates unprecedented restrictions on policies to support the creation of Canadian content. The Canadian position on trade and culture has been consistent for decades with successive governments requiring a full exemption for the cultural industries. The exemption, which is found in agreements such as NAFTA and CETA, give the government full latitude to implement cultural policies to support the creation of Canadian content.

    The Coalition represents the members, artists and creators of 33 leading Canadian associations of cultural professionals who strongly believe in the legitimate right of governments to adopt policies favourable to the diversity of cultural expressions against the risk of cultural homogeneity in the context of globalization.
    The Coalition is the only national association bringing together the main trade organizations and associations of professionals in the cultural sector: publishing, audiovisual and new media, music, performing arts and visual arts. In total, the Coalition’s 33 members represent no less than 180,000 creators and 2,200 companies and non profit organizations from all parts of Canada.
    Sharing our Creative Diversity

    140 States as well as the European Union have so far ratified the
    Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

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